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You must be on Work and Income benefit, have a positive attitude and are looking for a foot in the door into the construction industry.

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Solve your staff shortages now! No need to recruit overseas. Work-ready and keen Kiwis are looking for construction jobs in your area now.

Tradie Tutors Wanted

We are looking for tradies with years of experience, tons of patience and wanting to pass their knowledge to the next generation. No grumpy buggers please.

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Many people find it hard to grab the bottom rung of the employment ladder and get started. That’s where Kiwi Can Do makes a difference. We get New Zealanders who are on a benefit work-ready and work-fit for the construction industry. We build confidence and we match our trainees up with employers. We make sure they can swing a hammer, hold a plastering trowel or a paintbrush and use a saw, nail gun or measuring tape.

We’ve created a Dad’s Army of retired or semi-retired tradies each with decades of work and life skills who want to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. They’ve brought up families, coached sports teams, trained apprentices. They work alongside trainees in the manner of a favourite uncle or grandfather.

For thousands of years an older people showed younger ones how to make a loaf of bread or build a house. The formula worked then…and it works now, especially for people who couldn’t see the relevance of learning and didn’t do very well at school.

The training is almost exclusively hands on with the tools. There’s no paper-based test or books to study. We recruit people with a positive attitude and a genuine desire to work and earn a living. And we drill into them the importance of turning up to work on time every day, doing what the boss says and putting in an honest day’s work. Every week we are selecting fit young Kiwi beneficiaries for our basic three-week, work ready training. New trainees are recruited weekly and will start on the following Monday.

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